About Rawan

Empowering Innovation for 31 Years.

Founded in 1992 as a textile trading enterprise, Rawan has been dedicated to fostering loyalty and fulfilling commitments across various industries for over three decades.

With our origins deeply rooted in textile trading, we established enduring partnerships with major manufacturers and brands. Over the years, we’ve leveraged this foundational experience to expand our horizons. We’ve seamlessly integrated sophisticated processes, cutting-edge technologies, and supply chain strategies developed initially for our own operations to transform and elevate your business.


We offer comprehensive brand support, warranties, and after-sales services to industry leaders spanning various sectors, including Appliances, Baby Products, Beauty, Computers, Electronics, Fashion, Health, Kitchen, and Toys. Through streamlined returns, repairs, consumable supplies, and promotional assistance, we attend to the crucial details that enhance the profit margins of these esteemed brands.

Our influence extends to collaborative ventures with ambitious independent retailers throughout the United Arab Emirates. We grant access to our partner brands, authentic spare parts, and swift deliveries, all at remarkably competitive rates.

Wholesale and distribution

Powerful access to the world’s biggest brands, giving independent retailers
real advantage.

Business process outsourcing

Specialist after-sales, warranty and fulfilment services that protect brands, drives sales and boosts profits. Find out more

Sector-leading technology

Smart tools and technologies that connect manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

Responsible waste reduction

We’re committed to maximising efficiency and minimising waste in everything we do, including responsible handling of waste packaging material and WEEE through approved channels.

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Whether you’re a major manufacturer needing outstanding after-sales support, or an independent retailer looking for unbeatable brand access, at Olympic we’ve got all the expertise you need.