Business process outsourcing

Simplicity, innovation and proven results.

Reliable support for your business

In a digital world, bad customer experiences can go global in an instant. That’s why reliable after-sales support is vital to protect your brand, boost future sales and minimise costs.

At Olympic, we specialise in large-scale, high-performance aftermarket services, including warranty fulfilment, servicing and repairs, consumable supplies, returns and promotional support. Our customers include a whole range of international brands.

Their trust in us is everything. It’s what drives our continuous investment in expert people, lean processes and smart technologies. And it’s what underpins our agile, streamlined, end-to-end operations, designed to reduce time, drive down cost and improve customer service.

In an increasingly complex world, Olympic makes life simple.

Warranty support

Working directly with end-users and consumers, we offer a swift, simple and efficient warranty support service, designed with lean principles to minimise waste and ensure the highest quality.

Delivering quality service worldwide

Our innovative, technologically advanced on-site workshop and team of experienced technicians handle over 30,000 domestic and personal care appliances every year. Our agile processes give us the flexibility to anticipate and meet demand during peaks and troughs.

Warehousing and fulfilment

We specialise in small-order pick and direct-to-consumer fulfilment. Our bespoke in-house warehouse order management system is developed to our exact requirements and includes inventory, stock control, order processing and fulfilment. With a highly sophisticated order-picking and dispatch process, it ensures we ship orders quickly and accurately.

Reverse logistics

Our agile reverse logistics services support the full range of supply chain requirements for your products. We provide a proactive service designed to get your products back in the sales cycle whenever possible, and use analytics to spot trends and inform your future product development.

Promotional support

Our customer-focused approach and flexible processes enable us to support a whole range of product promotions, from validating claims through to fulfilment.
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Over 1.2 million product service order lifecycle events tracked, providing a detailed view of progress and accountability.
Over 120,000 SMS messages delivered to consumers' mobile phones with real-time, reassuring progress updates.
Over 50,000 consumers have booked their product for warranty service using our simple to use, self-service online portal.

Support for supply chain managers

Customisable, fully managed business process outsourcing services that add real value to your supply chain.

Sector-leading technology

Innovative smart tools and technologies for a highly optimised global supply chain.

Lean processes

Best-practice processes that guarantee the most efficient, cost-effective supply chain.

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Whether you’re a major manufacturer needing outstanding after-sales support, or an independent retailer looking for unbeatable brand access, at Olympic we’ve got all the expertise you need.