Innovative technology

Bespoke systems for seamless services.
We’re constantly restless, always looking for ways to provide better services for our customers. Technology’s key to that. That’s why we invest in industry-leading systems and devices that unlock efficiencies, save you money and protect your brand.

Introducing Optics

Optics is our fully bespoke business operating system. It provides intelligent end-to-end process management, including sales services, stock management, inventory ordering, dispatch handling, invoicing, quality management, KPI performance analysis and auditing capabilities.

In short, it ensures our services are fully optimised to maximise efficiency and minimise waste. It anticipates and adjusts to workflow demand, produces in-depth performance analysis and guarantees we always have the right stock, in the right place, at the right time.

And because it’s developed in-house, Optics is completely tailored to our business, giving us and our customers complete transparency at every stage of the process.

Optics on the go

Our warehouse teams have continuous access to Optics through handheld devices. Optics automatically prioritises work and directs tasks to the right team member at the right time, optimising floor routes and saving valuable time.

By allocating tasks in real-time, as they become available, Optics avoids wasteful batching and unproductive queuing to ensure the fastest possible completion times.

Third-party system integration

Optics easily integrates with numerous other retail and fulfilment systems, including Infotip, Magento and Fulfilment by Amazon. Our in-house technical experts will work with you to ensure seamless integration.

Wholesale and distribution

Powerful access to the world’s biggest brands, giving independent retailers real advantage.

Business process outsourcing

Specialist after-sales support that protects brands, drives sales and boosts profits.

Lean processes

Best-practice processes that guarantee the most efficient, cost-effective supply chain.

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Whether you’re a major manufacturer needing outstanding after-sales support, or an independent retailer looking for unbeatable brand access, at Olympic we’ve got all the expertise you need.